Partner With Juice & Rootz

Fresh Juice For Your Clients And Customers

Partnering with Juice & Rootz will add an element of Holistic health to your business. Juice & Rootz provides the following services that you can take advantage of in an all-inclusive location: professional Nutrition Consulting and Knowledge Share, Health Buddy Support.


Wholesale Juice Packages

Juice & Rootz is seeking partners and brand ambassadors to stock their fridges with our delicious, fresh elixirs.

  • POS Refrigerators
  •  Exclusive Custom Juice Blends   
  • PK (Product Knowledge) session with management 
  • Monthly On premises sampling staffed by Juice & Rootz
  • Juice blend collaborations for seasonal / promotional events and menu changes
  • Large format supply for Events
  • Location listing on Website
  • Continual mention on social media properties
  • Online ordering with your preferred pricing
  • Secure Live account balance for ease of reordering and account management
  • Guaranteed delivery schedule
  • In addition to preferred pricing, partnering with Juice & Rootz gives you exclusive access to online ordering, easy account management and a whole laboratory filled with great tools to help promote Juices, Detox/Cleanse packages and More.